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  • Fantastic experience!!! Worth every penny!!
    MISS JOANIE A EARDLEY, United Kingdom 11/28/2016
  • Amado Arroyave, Canada 12/04/2016
  • Papal Audience
    Jamelda Jinkins, India 12/31/2017

Papal Audience Tickets With Hotel Pick Up Option

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Papal Audience Tickets With Hotel Pick Up Option

Get a chance to see and hear the Pope speak with a Papal Audience Tickets. A Papal Audience, otherwise also known as the General Audience, is when the Pope addresses the crowd and gives a speech in various languages on a specific topic. Later, he may bless babies or religious artifacts that people bring to him. Normally held on Wednesdays at St. Peter’s Square, the Papal Audience is a public affair where thousands of people come to hear the Pope speak. After the Pope gives a speech on a particular discourse, it is usually followed with a homily, prayers, and singing. Every year, hundreds of people from different parts of the world take a Rome vacation in order to enjoy this unique experience. With your Papal Audience tickets, you can be assured that a spot is reserved for you during your Rome trip. You can also upgrade your experience with a hotel pick-up and drop-off or a guided Papal Audience Tour, which delves into the history of the Vatican, Christianity, and how the Papal Audience began. It’s what to do in Rome!